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During the summer term, our topic will be the Romans. We will be finding out about the way of life in Roman times and why and how the Romans invaded Britain. We will also find out why the Romans built lots of roads and how they were made. We will find out about key people from Roman times, like Boudicca.

Our Curriculum 
Key Vocabulary


It is vitally important to read regularly and in year four we expect children to read at least three times per week and have their planner signed. During lessons we will read numerous texts, take part in class discussions and answer comprehension questions. Currently our class novel is Who Let the Gods Out, which will help to develop our reading and will provide inspiration for our writing.

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Extra Bits


Each week children receive a piece of maths and English homework based on the learning that has taken place this week. The homework is set on a Friday and is expected to be handed in on Wednesday morning. Any problems regarding homework please contact a member of staff (4S). 



In Year 4, we complete a timetables test. Please follow the link below to practise, practise and practise. 


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