Our Curriculum Intent

The Mount Pleasant motto ‘Learn for Life’ is embedded across our curriculum - a curriculum matched to the needs and interests of our children, allowing them to flourish – both academically and socially.



The intent of our curriculum is to ensure that children build a firm foundation of skills and knowledge and develop all of the personal attributes that make them 'good, kind people' as well as be self-assured and confident in whatever they choose to do. We are determined to ensure that our curriculum enhances our school ethos of learning for life. That is, learning which will promote personal development, gather knowledge and develop skills to carry them towards a successful future in secondary school and ultimately in employment.

Our purpose is to make our curriculum aspirational with PSHCE at the core of everything we teach. By having a sense of self, and understanding of others, children can lay firm foundations on which to build. We will remove barriers to learning and provide suitable challenges for all. We want to inspire to learn, and enjoy it with no limits!  We implement a broad and balanced curriculum which is pertinent to life in and around Darlington and knowledge of the wider world. We use deliberate themes which are threaded through our curriculum and deepen the sense of belonging and community. 

Through a variety of exciting, first-hand experiences and a well-planned thematic approach- based on subject specific disciplines, we can enable children to acquire appropriate skills, to deepen knowledge and understanding in all curriculum areas. We aim to promote independence, encourage curiosity and ultimately develop learning friendly classrooms. The children take huge pride in their school and this is reflected in the school environment which is attractive, bright and colourful and celebrates the children’s achievements and a wide range of learning.

Each subject has an assessment overview. This document maps out the progression of key knowledge and skills to be taught from Y1 – Y6 to ensure that pupils make progress and deepen knowledge. Our curriculum assessment tool allows teachers to track and monitor pupils attainment across each year group in foundation subjects. It also allows curriculum subject leaders to monitor the skills progression across their subject.
Parents are kept up to date about their child’s curriculum topics by means of a curriculum map, which is sent out each term by individual teachers. We regularly invite parents into school to take part in various curriculum based activities as well as promoting our curriculum based learning through social media. We see the home school relationship as vital in making our curriculum purposeful and ‘real’ to the children. 
The teaching of British Values is integral to our school's mission of ensuring our children are 'good, kind people' and leave our school ready for life in Modern Britain. As such, our school 'Team Point' system is aligned with the 4 key 'British Values' of:

•    Individual Liberty
•    Respect for the Rule of Law
•    Respect and Tolerance of others, regardless of beliefs, faiths or lack of faith
•    Democracy

Our children know that they can achieve, do achieve and so can aspire to be whatever they want to be. 

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