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SEND Resources

In this section there are some helpful support materials for different need types. If you have any additional resource ideas, please contact the school SENDCO (Sharon Minikin) and we can add them.

Speech, Language and Communication Needs:

Do2learn- thousands of free pages with social skills and behavioural regulation activities and guidance

Speech and Language kidsú- free Speech Therapy Materials

Colourful Semantics- - a wealth of resources for free to support early language and sentence construction

Communication Trust- links to different resources for parents and schools

Dyslexia and Processing:

SOS spelling-  a friendly approach to learning spelling

Timestables- a less demanding ways to learn your times tables

Memory Activities


Live well-   resources for parents and families

National Autistic Society-  latest guidance, updates and resources on coronavirus for people and their families

Sensory Needs:

Empowering Little Minds-   free sensory planning with multisensory activities and messy play

Sensory at Home - an online community via Facebook

Meeting Sensory Needs- information about how our senses to process everything in the world around us

Sensory Activity Cards- range of sensory activities

Sensory Break Dice- roll a brain break game


Social Emotional and Mental Health:

CAMHS- a range of resources to support your mental health and wellbeing

Self Care Strategies- a selection of self-care strategies

Calm Zone-  a toolbox of activities such as breathing exercises, coping videos and games that can help children feel calm

Best Wellbeing Apps for Children- find ideas for well being apps

Children and Young People’s Mental Health- Information about Mental Health in children

Fine and Gross Motor Skills:

Dough Disco- great for fine motor skills

BBC Dancemat- helps you with typing skills

Fine Motor Skills Challenge Cards- game to develop fine motor skills

Gross Motor Challenge- game to develop gross motor skills

Pencil Control skills- a range of pen control activities

Playdough skills- playdough activities to develop fine motor skills

Scissor Skills- scissor activities to develop fine motor skills

Sentence Orderingsentence activities to develop fine motor skills

Threading skills- threading activities to develop fine motor skills


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