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Pastoral Care and Behaviour

Each child is in the care of his / her teacher and normally the class teacher and / or teaching assistant will answer all the child's needs. During lunchtime all children who stay at school are looked after by teaching assistants and supervisory assistants. A senior member of the teaching staff is on duty at all times and any serious problem is referred to them.
Good behaviour at Mount Pleasant is actively encouraged and rewarded in a variety of ways. Children are encouraged to work co-operatively and to the best of their ability. We welcome and encourage parental involvement in all aspects of children's education.
In any group of people some rules are necessary for the safety and well being of all concerned. At Mount Pleasant we aim to provide a caring and supportive atmosphere where children can develop good relationships with others. In order to achieve this aim we operate a personal and social education policy in school which teaches children how to form effective friendships and to co-operate with others. If problems should occur we have established procedures to deal with them which involve parent / carers. Details of our policies are available for parents / carers to read, if they so wish.
We keep our rules simple and clear so that children have a good understanding of them.
Our Code of Conduct is:

  • Take care of yourself

  • Take care of others

  • Take care of our school

Our Pastoral Team and Home School Mentors (HSM) work closely with parents / carers of children who are experiencing difficulties at school.

Home School Mentor

Our Home / School Mentors are Mrs Clark and Mrs Bradley. They are available to offer advice and emotional support to the parents and carers of children attending our school. They provide a point of contact for accessing services such as School Nursing and Educational Welfare Officers as well as other services.
However if you just need a listening ear to make things easier they can help there too.
To contact Mrs Clark or Mrs Bradley you can either:
      Call:  07594633907 , 01325 244950                            OR
 e-mail :
Alternatively someone is at the gate most mornings welcoming the children into school.


Mrs Clark Home School Mentor


Mrs Bradley Home School Mentor

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