"Welcome to our School Council! Let's start off by introducing the new team. The chair of school council is Madison, followed by Poppy as Vice Chairperson. The charity that we are currently sponsoring is Little Treasures who support autistic adults and children right across the North East. If you need any information or have a problem please ask our School Councillors"
School Councillors Madison and Poppy.
"You have the right to give your opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously." Article 12

School Council

It is our job as School Council to take other pupils' suggestions to our regular meetings, discuss them with our Head of School and decide if we can help.


This year our chosen charity is Little Treasures, who support autistic adults and children right across the North East. They aim to relieve the needs of autistic adults, children, young people and their parents, carers and siblings by providing facilities for play and recreation in the interests of social welfare in a safe and secure environment, and by providing support and practical advice to parents and carers.


School Council 2020/21

School Charity - Little Treasures

Actions - 

  • Raise awareness of mental health 

  • Continue to raise money for school charity

  • Set up great summer fair including  a range of activities and prizes

School Council 2019/20

School Charity - Help For Heroes

Actions completed - 

  • Raised awareness of mental health across the year including mental health week. 

  • Continued to raise money for school charity

  • Summer fair cancelled due to Covid-19

School Council Members 2020/21

Madison (Y5) Chairperson

Poppy (Y4)  Vice Chairperson

Tommy (Y6)

Alexis (Y6)

Alice (Y5)

Oliver (Y4)

Sophie (Y3)

James (Y3)

Jude  (Y2)

Olivia (Y2)

?  (School Governor)

Mr Dyer (Teacher)

School Council 2018/19

School Charity - Darlington Memorial Hospital Children's MRI scanner appeal

Actions completed - 

  • School Code of Conduct Award

  • Menu tasting / feedback

  • New football goals ordered

  • 14/02/19 organised a fun run and raised £175.26 

School Council 2017/18

School Charity - Help For Heroes

Actions completed  -

  • New Playground equipment

  • Reviewed menus with Mrs Mullen (school cook)

  • Introduced end of term class buffets

  • School Code of Conduct Award