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School Uniform

To wear an uniform with pride says something special about a child belonging to a school. As such, our children will be

expected to wear an uniform throughout their time at Mount Pleasant. The school colour is red. Uniform items with an

embroidered logo can be purchased by the following link below:

How to order

It's easy to shop online with the Uniform Embroidery Service from

1. Click the link above.

2. Select your school from the list and you'll see all the customized items you can buy.

3. Choose the quantity and sizes you'd like, then add them to your basket.

4. Pay easily with a debit or credit card at the checkout.

Also non-branded items of clothing are equally fine, non-branded items are compulsory in our school. Non-branded items can be purchased from your local retailers. We also have a free uniform service in school, where families can receive pre-loved uniform items. In Queen street, in Darlington town centre, there is a free second hand uniform shop too available for everyone. 

All children receive a free school water bottle and stationery equipment upon joining our school. 

School Uniform Expectations

  • All children to wear black shoes.

  • In winter, children to wear a red jumper or cardigan, black skirt, black pinafore or black school trousers, with a white polo shirt or shirt.

  • In summer, children can choose to wear a red summer gingham dress, or black shorts. 

PE Kit Expectations

Our PE kit consists of a plain  red or white T-shirt and black shorts and black joggers. Footwear should be black pumps or plain black trainers. T-shirts, shorts and PE bag are available at the school office or from the website.

Physical Friday

  • Children attend school already wearing their PE kit. 

  • Our PE kit consists of a red or white T-shirt and black shorts and black joggers. Footwear should be pumps or trainers.


Jewellery must not be worn from school. Studs may be worn by children with pierced ears. Watches may be worn by pupils, but the school cannot take responsibility for loss or damage to these items.


Pupils' hair should be groomed and professional at all times. Long hair needs to be fully tied up. Pupils may not wear designs or words cut into their hair or have any permanent or temporary colours.

Fingernail Polish or Make-Up

Pupils are not allowed to wear fingernail polish or false nails. Make-up is not allowed.

Uniform Policy

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