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Resourced Provision

At Mount Pleasant Primary we recognise that all pupils are entitled to a quality of provision that will enable them to achieve their potential. We believe in positive intervention, removing barriers to learning, raising expectations and levels of achievement and working in partnership with other agencies in order to provide a positive educational experience for all our pupils including those with a special educational need or disability. Our school recognises there are particular groups of pupils whose circumstances require additional consideration by those who work with them to support their SEND.

Our Resourced Provision for children with Social Communication Difficulties. The Resourced Provision for up to 19 children was established within Mount Pleasant Primary School as part of the LEAs Local Offer. In Mount Pleasant Primary School the children are included within their age appropriate class wherever possible, although a flexible approach allows us to meets the child’s changing needs as necessary. Provision within our intervention rooms, is designed to develop skills that require teaching beyond those not generally available in mainstream classrooms. These include:

*Making choices and decisions

*Social/emotional awareness and relationship skills e.g.. turn taking, respecting the needs of others

*Appropriate learning behaviour

*Language and communication skills.

* Personal Independence

 "A child with a disability has the right to live a full and decent life with dignity and, as far as possible, independence and to play an active part in the community." Article 23

Our Environments

The Bluebell Room (EYFS)
Woodland R.png
The Woodland Room (Key Stage 1)
The Rainforest Room (Key Stage 1)
The Meadows (Key Stage 2)
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