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Breakfast Club

At Mount Pleasant our Breakfast Club offers children a friendly, safe and relaxed environment where pupils can enjoy their first meal of the day. Our Breakfast Club has become increasingly popular over the last few years and offers great value for money. There is no denying that children learn better when they have had a substantial breakfast and that they are more focused and ready to learn if they are not hungry.

At Mount Pleasant we offer breakfast daily from 8:30 for only £1. The children can choose from a variety of cereals and toasted items that are prepared by the school cook, once a week hot breakfast is served such as beans on toast. After eating there is an activity area where pupils can relax and prepare themselves for the school day. The pupils who attend the club regularly report that they like the social aspect of being able to meet with their friends at the start of the school day.

Breakfast club improves the pupil's punctuality, attendance and performance of children in the classroom and offers the pupils of Mount Pleasant a calm and sociable start to the school day.

"You have the right to the best health care, safe water, nutritious food and a clean, safe environment." Article 24

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