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At Mount Pleasant, we see the development of our children extending beyond the end of the school day. As such, we are committed to develop a comprehensive after school, extra-curricular offer for our children. Our clubs aim to begin to develop children’s ‘buy in’ to extra-curricular activities from an early age, developing their character - through our six virtues.


"You have the right to chose your own friends and join groups. " Article 15


As such, we offer a variety clubs, each half term, which are negotiated and voted for by the children further developing their understanding of the fundamental British value of democracy. All clubs will be monitored carefully to ensure that they meet the needs of our children, and are attended by all groups within our care; no group will be discouraged from attending any club, and when we find uptake is low for a particular group – we will investigate why.


"You have the right  to play, rest and to be creative " Article 31


Our offer at Mount Pleasant is only the beginning in the talent journey for our children! We hope to ignite interest and passion - and see children go on to progress through secondary school, the community offer and beyond! Below are the currently after school clubs we run across the year. Each clubs has a community link (in blue) where they can continue their extra-curricular activities with in the local community. 

NOTE: All our clubs are free of charge.


Coding Club is available to children in Key Stage 2. The aim of the club is promote and energy children to explore coding in a relaxed environment, where the emphasis is on exploration and imagination. Coding has become a huge part of the computing curriculum. Coding can help children with problem solving and reasoning. The children will have access to micro-bits, raspberry pies, Lego spike and block coding to programme sprites. The club is on a Tuesday.


Football Club is available to children in Key Stage 2. Mr Beadle Is an experienced football coach. The aim of the club is to give all pupils, regardless of ability, the opportunity to develop their basic footballing skills and at the same time promote a positive attitude towards sport.  During each session, pupils get the chance to develop their skills through a variety of drills and activities, and will go on to play a game to help them put their skills into practice. This club is on a Tuesday.


Gardening Club is available to children in Key Stage 1 and 2, it provides an opportunity for children to learn about growing plants, recycling and wildlife.  We grow most of our plants from seed allowing children to experience the life cycle of a plant first hand. In our garden we grow a variety of fruit, vegetables and flowers. We work closely with breakfast club and the kitchen staff to use some of our grown produce in our school menu. The children have fun doing all sorts of activities from planting seeds, weeding, finding mini-beasts, and watering the garden. They especially enjoy eating their hard work! The club is on a Monday. 


Magic Club is available to children in Key Stage 1 and 2 . The club will involve learning some magic tricks which the children can perform to their friends and family. There are many skills involved in perfecting magic tricks and children will almost certainly develop their fine motor skills and will need to be focussed and listen well. They will also be able to increase their self- esteem as other children and adults will be in awe of their tricks! Children will have the chance to cooperate and practise skills with their peers and genuinely have fun. This exciting venture will be a good opportunity for children to promote their own self confidence and help to embed some of our school virtues particularly, resilience and calmness. The club is on a Tuesday.


We provide instruction for ages from 3yrs to adults. Our teaching ethos for children focuses very much on motor and listening skills with targeted coaching to develop focus, memory, team work, discipline, self-control, balance and coordination. Our 3-7yr old classes are called our Dragons (ultimate beginners) and our 7-11 yr old classes are called Tigers (intermediate standard). All sessions are with qualified instructors who all have an Enhanced DBS check. We teach a mixture of Karate & Taekwondo to all ages.  Students learn to develop their skills with lots of little drills and activities.  The Syllabus is divided into milestones and the students earn stars to show that they are progressing.  We you our App to keep parents up to date with their children's progress too  


Running Club will be available to Y4, Y5 and Y6. It will involve going for a gentle run around the school grounds initially before progressing to a run around the local area. We will start with some dynamic warm ups and finish with some gentle jogging. 

Every three weeks we will do some timed running session to build the pupils' fitness and let them see the different activities that running can entail. The two main aims of the session are to develop physical fitness but also give children the chance to calm down and burn off some energy before going home thus helping them relax and be fresh for school. The club is on a Tuesday. 

Singing and Signing Club is available to all children. Makaton is a unique language that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. It supports the development of communication skills such as attention and listening, comprehension, memory, recall and organisation of language and expression. This club allows children to develop their Makaton skills while singing along to their favourite songs. We learn a new sign and symbol each session. The children are already fantastic Makaton signers! The club is on a Monday. 

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