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During the spring term, our topic will be ‘Brazil.’  This term is a geography focus where we will learn to read maps to find specific locations in Brazil, topographical maps, climate and environment and the human geography of Brazil such as settlement, population, housing, education and Fair Trade.  We will also learn about Brazilian carnivals and about the street graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra.

Our Curriculum 


It is vitally important to read regularly and in year six we expect children to read at least three times per week and have their planner signed. During lessons we will read numerous texts, take part in class discussions and answer comprehension questions. Some of the class novels include: Stay Where You Are and Then Leave, Skellig, Graveyard Book and Wonder. We read our class novels each and every day and it is always a time that the children look forward to.

Persistence and Perseverance

This is a very important year for all children in year 6.  Each year, the children are tested on their SATs which is a recap of all of their learning throughout Key Stage Two.  The children are tested on reading, spelling and grammar, arithmetic skills in maths and reasoning abilities.  It is important that the children always practise their times tables at home and read at least three times a week to support them further and to help prepare them for May when these exams take place.  Results are published in July.

Extra Bits


The Carlton Residential visit takes place each year.  The children take part in a range of activities which include: The High Challenge, weaselling, forest adventures, night walks, gullying and archery.  We also learn about how to survive in the outdoors, build shelters and about local nature.  This is a very exciting time for both the children and staff!



Each week children receive a piece of maths and English homework based on the learning that has taken place this week. The homework is set on a Friday and is expected to be handed in on Wednesday morning. Any problems regarding homework please contact a member of staff (6T). 


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