Welcome to Reception

Our aim is to provide your child with a firm foundation on which they can build their future education.

All Reception children will start school in September on Thursday & Friday 3rd & 4th September from 8.50am – 2pm.


From Monday 7th September onwards, all children in RW will be in school from 8.50am – 2.55pm unless any SEND children need an individual programme & this will be arranged as necessary.

"You have the right to play, rest and to be creative." Article 31

Meet the Staff
Curriculum Overview

If you have any queries  about our EYFS please contact the school or seek a member of our team.

We will be most happy to help!

Our Areas
Creative Area
Construction & Small World Area
Maths Area
Malleable Area
Mark Making / Writing Area
Reading Area
Role Play Area
Technology Area
Water & Sand Area

Every child at Mount Pleasant deserves the best possible start in life with support that enables them to fulfil their potential.  Below are our current learning areas where the children can explore:  

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Mathematics Focus:
  • Count out to 20 and recognise and write numerals

  • Order numbers to 20 and count forwards and backwards

  • Find one more or less by counting on or back

  • Name, describe and sort 2D and 3D shapes

  • Compare and describe weight/height/length then begin to measure the weight/length/height

  • Use and understand positional and directional language

  • Learn about doubling and halving, objects and numbers

Literacy Focus:
  • Learn phonemes ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, or, ar, ie, oo make

  • Form all letters correctly

  • Orally segment and blend words and hear what the initial, middle and end sounds are

  • Read and write simple words

  • Continue to read and write High Frequency words

  • Write simple words, captions and sentences with finger spaces and full stop

PE Kits

PE is every Friday morning. This is a reminder for children with earrings - you need to either take the earrings out on a Friday or provide plasters to cover them. This is a part of their PE kit too. Please help your child to be more independent in putting on and off their own clothes and make sure all clothes are clearly named. Thank you!

WOW Moments

Thank you to those who have provided work that their children have done at home. We would still love to see any work your children have done at home that you think is “WOW”. It can be a piece of writing, number work, a photo of something you have done or made… anything!! This term we are focusing on finding number and calculation evidence. So if your child has counted out up to 20 objects or can add or take away 2 numbers or find one more or less, please let us know or take a photo/copy of their work.