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Thank you all for your continuing support over these challenging times. We have had lot of pieces of work and positive responses from both parents and children about the tasks that we have set over the past few weeks. Due to the government's announcement on Thursday (16/04/20)  to extend the lockdown for at least another three weeks, we have created this page for parents/carers and children to access at home in order to continue with their learning. This page will be updated daily with a few challenges to complete as well as each teacher setting weekly tasks for the children to complete. Please navigate through the links below and find weekly tasks set by teachers at the bottom of the page.

To A Special Person 

Watch what teachers and children have been getting up to during Lockdown.

Mr Swan Daily Workout

Star Of The Week 


Lexi (6T)

Well done Lexi for all of the hard work that you have been doing at home: a brilliant home-made mask and an Anne Frank piece.

BBC Newsround

Life In Lockdown

Listen to a poem called,

Life In Lockdown 

created by Mrs Wallis 

Using Makaton

Today Mr Swan would like you to take a picture of the view you have when you are out taking part in your daily exercise.


Watch BBC Newsround each day to follow what is going on around the world. If you have any questions or thought talk to a family member or post a comment in our worry box on Children Zone

Listen to True colours using Makaton by Miss Bowe


Reading At Home

Our children are encouraged to read at home at least three times a week for a minimum of ten minutes to develop their reading skills and to share their books with an adult at home.  During the lock down period, we have access to Oxford Owl e-books for children aged 3 - 11 years old. Please encourage the children to access this resource daily. There is a wide range of e-books for both parents and children to enjoy.  Feel free once your child has read an e-book to  complete your own task based on the book e.g a book review. Please send it to school admin email or post it on our Facebook.

To access this resource click on the link below:


Then click 'my class log in' on the top right and enter your class username and password:


Year 6:                                                        Year 5:                                                     Year 4:                                                Year 3: 
Username - mountpleasant6t               Username - mountpleasant5m          Username - mountpleasant4s       Username - mountpleasant3d  
Paswword - MountPleasant                   Paswword - MountPleasant                Paswword - MountPleasant           Paswword - MountPleasant

Year 2:                                                         Year 1:                                                    Year Reception:                                Year Nursery:
Username - mountpleasant2d               Username - mountpleasant1l            Username - mountpleasantrw      Username - mountpleasantn 
Password - MountPleasant                     Password - MountPleasant                 Password - MountPleasant            Password - MountPleasant


Class Dojo - Daily Tasks

All children in Mount Pleasant Primary can access ‘Class Dojo’ now. This is a learning platform which allows children to access tasks set by the class teacher. Once completed they can submit their work and it will get marked. Please follow the following instructions below to set your child's account:

1. Open ClassDojo app or website:
2. Click "Enter Text Code", OR tap "I'm a student" on the app
3. Enter the text code to sign in:

Please ring the office for your child's code to access the app. 

Children won't need a new code as long as they don't log out. If you wish to have access to the parent area please leave us your email address when you ring the school office for the code. 


Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said he can’t ‘give parents a date’ for when schools might re-open, but he did announce a new online platform, launching 20/04/20 to help parents home school their children. Parents / carers can access 180 lessons a week for every year group from Reception through to year 10, through a new online platform, Oak National Academy. The enterprise which has been set up by teachers and is funded by the Department of Education, will provide video lessons for students, with each lesson coming with a corresponding quiz and worksheet. Please click on the link below to access you child’s Year Group activities:   


Online Phonics Lesson 

We are pleased to let you know that your child can receive a daily phonics lesson whilst schools are closed. Phonics is the way we teach children to recognise the sounds in words. It helps your child to learn to read and is an essential part of your child’s education.  
During the summer term, you will be able to access for your child a daily phonics lesson by clicking on Letters and Sounds for home and school. All lessons are introduced by celebrities, including children’s TV presenters, which adds an exciting addition to the lessons.  
There are three sets of daily lessons to choose from and we suggest your child starts with one set of lessons most suitable to their year group and reading ability. If you’re not sure which lessons your child should watch or your child finds the lessons too difficult, then your school should be able to recommend which lessons are the most appropriate for your child.  
From Monday 27 April, a new phonics lesson will be uploaded everyday, Monday to Friday, at the times below during the summer term. *After upload, each lesson will then be available to watch at any time during the summer term. 


After watching each lesson, we encourage you to read aloud to your child and, if your child has reading books from school, listen to your child read. More information about phonics and how to help your child can be found in our parent/carer video guide. Further guidance on how you can help your child continue their education at home is available in Help primary school children continue their education.  
The online lessons are designed to follow the phonics programme your child has been learning at school and are the only online Letters and Sounds lessons approved and funded by the Department for Education.  
As with all online content, parents and carers are advised to supervise their child’s use of the internet. Further guidance and support on the use of online materials can be accessed from websites such as ParentInfo and 
We hope you will find the new phonics lessons useful to support your child’s learning during this unprecedented time. 


Below are a few useful website to support for child's learning at home:


Twinkl is offering every parent and carer in our school an One Month Ultimate Membership, totally free of charge. So your child can still have access to high-quality learning during any periods of disruption.


Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS


As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread worldwide, TTRockStars want you to continue our child's learning at home with minimum disruption. So please login and enjoy so mathematcial learning. If you are unable to login, please visit to access a free account. 


Third Space Learning want to share a selection of free resources from their online resource library. Please follow the link below to register for free to access their resources. 




Visit BBC Bite-size website to access free online games and activities for all subjects in the primary age range. 

Click here access KS1 resources

Click here access KS2 resources


Mental Health During Lockdown 

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