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Assessment in Maths

Assessment is a key part of our approach to maths and we see it as fulfilling these roles:

  • To assess what pupils know

  • To identify gaps in their knowledge

  • To assess the effectiveness of our maths curriculum


We have a robust system of assessment whereby pupils complete low-stakes mini-assessments after each block of learning. These mini-assessments are linked to our whole-trust maths objectives include a ‘greater depth’ question to help us identify and monitor higher attainers.


Following an assessment lesson, we have a day where we ‘pause’ our curriculum and address gaps identified by the mini-assessments. During this pause lesson, higher attainers receive a dedicated greater depth lesson to ‘stretch’ their thinking.


Due to our assessment tracking tool, we can see if any areas of maths across year groups or the whole school need addressing and we can thus adapt our maths curriculum from this for the following year.


Mini - Assessment 

Y1 Objective 4

Y2 Objective 10

Y4 Objective 9

Y5 Objective 4

Y6 Objective 3

Pause and Stretch Lessons

Y4 Objective 11 Pause

Y4 Objective 5 Stretch

Trust Objectives Overview







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